Scarpa Snow

This template features the work of LA Based painter Christoper Pate.

Christopher Pate (born 1965 St. Louis, Missouri, raised Boise, Idaho) lives and works in Los Angeles. His work mixes abstraction and representation to connect and extend the personal to the larger cultural and geo-political sphere. A focus in the work of the last several years is the United States, using its geographical representation as the raw ground for layered arrays of forms and images. Through this approach, the invocation of landscape is more felt than represented, infused with history and swaths of liquid color. Such forms emerge in different mediums, whether embedded on rugged burlap, mottled and distressed paper, or tweaked Photoshop files.

More recent work is a hybrid of collage, painting and drawing using cut out eyes as building blocks. The activated patterns of eyes in relation to drawing, painting or found images address psychological states and obsessive paparazzi-level surveillance within popular culture. These works vary between being primarily figurative or abstract from work to work, with the constant being a human connection, as a field of eyes stares back at the viewer.

Solo exhibitions include Camp Alpha at Marine Contemporary, Venice, CA, 2011, Flyover at Jail, Los Angeles, CA, 2008, Float Some and Jet Some at Cartelle, Marina del Rey, CA, 2005, and Horizons and Archipelagos at Roberts and Tilton, Los Angeles, CA, 2000. Curatorial projects include the series of four Rogue Wave exhibitions at LA Louver (2001-2009), Hef at Jail, Los Angeles, CA, 2008, and Tripindicular at Lemon Sky, Los Angeles, CA, 1999.